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Document number: 1474
Date: 08 Sep 1826
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: AWDRY William Henry
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Chippenham <1>

8th Sept. 1826

Dear Sir/

On the other side, is a Statement of the Sales in last year – it appears by my account, that one nearly similar had been made out when the last Remittance to Hammerslys <2> was made & I think you will find it in my Letter at that time –

I was afraid you would begin to think me inattentive in not answering your letter of the 20th Augt but I assure you that I lost no time in giving instructions to Mr Darley <3> & a press of Business on his part, has been the cause of my not writing before – as I wished, if possible, to reply to the whole of your Queries – Should I not receive his Valuations before the Post goes out, I shall send this Statement without it & as soon as I get his Account, will write again –

The Quantity of Land proposed to be exchanged with Mr Montagu, is about 25 Acres – there is also an Exchange with Mr Hutton of Notton Lodge <4> wch I hope to submit for your consideration, ere long – it is a very desirable one for him, but still more so for your Property in point of Value

Mr Darley has just brought me a rough sketch of the Valuation, which I subjoin & if I do not hear from you to the contrary – we propose to have the Auction at the Inn <5> at Lacock on the 2d of October – Mr Darley informs me that his charge for a Map without Embellishmt is 10d Pr Acre including every expence – supposing your Estates to be about 1000 Acres, I estimate the Expence at £40 – The Village done in the way you mention would be £10 – I enclose a paper for your Signature wch I will trouble you to return to me in the course of a Week & we will then give Notice of the Auction –

I am Dear Sir
Yr obliged & obedt Sert

W. H. Awdry

two Withy Beds partly broken
& planted to Vegetables –
80–Cottage & Garden in a very
delapidated & dangerous state –
91–Cottage & Garden –40·–
155–Half an Acre of Land –30·–
200–Wood Land abt 2 Acres –50·–

Particulars of Sales at
Melksham, Lacock & Notton
in 1825

J. Darley’s Bill for –
Auction & Expences –
14·9·6Cloves Wood – 510·0·0
Do for Valuation –
of Land & Cottages –
13.7.0Timber on Do266·18·7
Do for Valuation –
of Standing Timber –
7.0.6*Blackmore –
Coppice Ground –
Extract from the –
Award at Melksham Common –
– 2·6*Common do94·0·0
Remittance to Hammslys122·3·6Reversion of –
Cottages –
Do – Do140·18·0 J. Awdry <6> for –
Cottage at Notton –
Do – Do1075·1·5A. M. Pottifer <sic>–
Cottage by Canal
Commssn on Do2·13·6Interest on –
Purchase Money –
£1375·15·11*over Paid –1368·12·11
7· 3· 0

*These two Items were omitted to be deducted when the last Remittance was made & are therefore charged in the Annual Account –

charges 37·13· = 2¾ per Cent
Net proceeds 1331·

W. H. F. Talbot Esq
31. Sackville Street


1. Chippenham, Wiltshire: largest town near Lacock, 3 miles N.

2. Hammersley & Company, bankers, London.

3. John Darley, architect & surveyor, Chippenham.

4. Notton Lodge, a large country house, approximately 500 metres south of Notton House, along what was at the time the road from Chippenham to Melksham and therefore closer to Lacock itself.

5. The Red Lion Inn.

6. John Awdry (1766–1844), solicitor, Reybridge.

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