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Document number: 3417
Date: Fri 1837
Dating: year assumed; occupied Harley St early date; lease ran
Recipient: BABBAGE Charles
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London - Dept of Manuscripts
Collection number: Add MS 37201 f550
Last updated: 24th March 2012

65 Harley St <1>

Dear Sir

If you have time tomorrow evening before your party to step in here about ½ past 7 or 8 o’clock, I am going to show some of the effects of the polarising microscope <2> to Professor Johnstone Wheatstone <3> and 1 or 2 others and should be very happy to see you.

Believe me Yours most truly
H. F. Talbot


1. Harley Street, London.

2. WHFT’s method of placing one polarizer close to the eyepiece and another below the stage increased the contrast between the subject and the background, providing him with a better method of investigating the internal structures of crystals.

3. Possibly James Johnstone (1806–1869), physician, and Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802–1875), scientist.

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