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Document number: 10011
Date: Wed
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BAKER Thomas John Lloyd
Collection: Bodleian Library, Oxford - Fox Talbot Personal Archive
Collection number: FT10033
Last updated: 24th April 2015

Dear Sir-

I am sorry we had not the pleasure of seeing you yesterday.

I send for your purusal the papers which I wished to have shewn you & I have just two or three of which I think will interest you most, imediately under the knot of string with which they are tied up.

One of our Magistrates having unfortunately differed with me in opinion as to our proceedings, I went to a petty sessions prepared from the other papers & other things to prove the facts stated in the first paper which I think would be a strong case in our favor.

There has been a further reduction in our weekly pays since the second paper was written. I believe they now amount to about 12 a week. The contiuation of their decrease through winter as well as summer is worth attention.

The Third paper - the "List" is perhaps the most material of them all. It shews what every person mentioned in it did receive from the Parish when began in 1830 - & what they received in 1832 & how they were employed.- It was intended, as far as might be, to answer the quetion put by every one "How can they find work?"

The other papers will be interest you more or less - you will easily run your eye of over them & read or reject them as you shall think right. Be good enough to return them all to me on or before Saturday next.

I remain Dear Sir yours truly
T J L Baker

Ryder Street Wednesday

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