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Document number: 2834
Date: 06 Mar 1834
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BAKER Thomas John Lloyd
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA34(MW)-31
Last updated: 24th March 2012

Dear Sir

By a mistake the copies of my Pamphlet which the publisher ought to have sent to yourself & to several other persons, have been sent to me, which has occasioned some little delay, but it is not important. I send you a copy of it now I think you will agree with me that Uley <1> in its present state is a strong proof of the advantages of the Workhouse system, <2> & you will perhaps find that what I have written will be worth your attention & that of your Vestry men at their outset in other respects.

I do not know any person whom I can recommend to you as a Governor of your house, but good men I should think can easily be found almost any where. I should advise you to find a discharged soldier who can read & write & keep accounts, & who is generally an intelligent man & able to do something in your Parish more than merely to keep your Workhouse. There are many offices in which he may be useful he may be an assistant overseer or vestry clerk he may be a sort of Police man to be employed on difficult occasions to trace out persons suspected of any crime or he may superintend any work that may be done by the Parish of any kind. If he be a married man or if he has any female relation living with him, his wife or his relation may be your Matron, or if he has a son old enough to act under his orders in managing the house he will have more time for any of these purposes. I think it very important that he should be if possible unknown in your Parish & neighborhood, so as to prevent the possibility of his previously having any favor or dislike to any person who may be under his care or to any of their friends. This is highly desirable as I think. Should you have any difficulty in finding such a person, I will, if you will tell me what Salary you propose to give him & what you wish him to do, I will willingly enquire amongst the officers of our County prison who are most of them old Soldiers, & as we seldom have any difficulty in supplying the places of any of them who leave us, it is very likely that I may find one that will suit you. An old Soldier will of course be up to the discipline which must be kept up in every well regulated Workhouse. There is a man here of the highest respectability who was keeper of one of our houses of correction, but who has such property together with his pension, as enables him to live now without employ. If you wish it I will speak to him, but I should think he would not take any thing that would not make him exceedingly comfortable &c &c In a word if it is not something good & highly respectable I should think he would feel himself above it. No doubt you will suit yourself soon should you not I shall be happy to assist you if it be in my power.

I remain Dear Sir Yours truly
T J H Baker

Hardwicke Court <3>
March 6 1834


1. A Parish and village in the Cotswolds, county of Gloucestershire.

2. Whereby paupers had to live and work in harshly run communal establishments.

3. Manor and seat of the Baker family, in the town of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire.

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