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Document number: 7664
Date: 10 Jul 1859
Dating: see 07882 and 07915
Watermark: 1857
Recipient: BALFOUR John Hutton
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Collection number: Balfour Corr v. XI T6
Last updated: 1st March 2010

17 Coates Crescent <1>
10 July

Profr Balfour

Dr Sir

Some months ago you proposed to dry some of the beautiful ferns <2> in the Botl Garden, <3> for the purpose of photoglyphic Engraving, for which they are eminently calculated – Fronds measuring not more than 9 inches by 7 would be preferred – They should be well expanded, and as nearly as possible without a wrinkle when dried – I believe I sent you the Engraving of an Adiantum <4> which I made the last time I was at home –

Yours very Truly
H. F. Talbot


1. Edinburgh. The Talbots rented No 17 from 28 May 1859 [see Doc. No: 07882].

2. See Balfour’s reply, Doc. No: 07915 of 11 July 1859.

3. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

4. See Doc. No: 07948.

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