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Document number: 6667
Date: 02 Sep 1837
Recipient: BARROW John
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Public Record Office Kew
Collection number: ADM 1/ 5066
Last updated: 30th January 2012

31 Sackville St London,
2d September 1837.


Upon opening the testimony directions of the late Rear Admiral Charles Feilding it appears that he expresses a wish to be buried in a coffin of old English oak, taken from one of Her Majesty's ships- I have therefore to request the Lords of the Admiralty to be so kind as to grant their permission to his family, to receive from one her Majesty's dockyards a sufficient quantity of old English oak for that purpose. And should their Lordships be please to assent to this request, I shall direct Mr Mower upholsterer, of 208 Oxford St to make application for the same- Trusting that their Lordships will be pleased to comply with this last request,

I remain Sir Your obedient & humble servant
Henry Fox Talbot

Sir John Barrow
at the Admiralty

[note added in another hand:]
I left directions to Sir John Barrow accordingly [illegible] Agst Mr Talbot
NB 2nd September

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