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Document number: 6743
Date: 28 Apr 1842
Recipient: BEARD Richard
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 4th September 2012

[This is one section of a complex series of draft notes regarding contracts and terms for both Beard and Henry Collen.]

28 April, Beard.

If y wll indce pties t.take lics in 2 or 3 of ye princl provl towns, & allow Mr G. to give you y e instns necy at first, I compg M G for h trouble, y shd rec. a p.Cge of 5 per Ct upon ye sums recd by me for those licnsees as far as, ye takg of portrs

[expanded version:]

If you will induce parties to take licenses <1> in two or three of the principal provincial towns, & allow Mr Goddard <2> to give you the instructions necessary at first, I compensating Mr Goddard for his trouble, you should receive a per Centage of 5 per Cent upon the sums received by me for those licensees as far as, the taking of portraits.


1. License to use the calotype process.

2. John Frederick Goddard (17971866), lecturer & photographer. [See Doc. No: 04480].

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