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Document number: 8015
Date: 29 Dec 1859
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BEATTY Francis S
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA59-55
Last updated: 22nd November 2012

16 College Green
Dec. 29th 1859

Dear Sir

I would have answered yours of the 21st and 25th Eve this Christmas times, <1> Business, and awaiting the specimens prevented me yours of the 21st I will answer in a few days

The Specimens have not as yet arrived

I enclose you a note from the Proprietor of the Northern Whigg,[sic] <2> the Parties mentioned therein are Art Admirers, Mr Davison <3> is a Solicitor and Member of Parliament for Belfast an of Concervative [sic] principals [sic] and John F. Ferguson <4> his opponent at last Election that was Contested is of an Liberal principals [sic] they unite cordially when Science and Art are to be promoted

I wrote in answer that, The Honble Fox Talbot had kindly forewarded to me a number of specimens of his new art, which I was sure he would allow to be Exhibited and when I would reserve the same I would form arrangments to have them forewarded

I have no plates that I could send there, but may prepare one for the occassion, I dont Know if a plate were there, that they could apreciate it however I will be guided by you wheather I send the specimens or not

For your Consideration Kindness in sending to me your last note on the Specimens I feel very greatfull [sic] there are many like myself that have not words to Express the admireation [sic] in which you are held by them, may you see many Happy returns of the Season is the ardent wish of

yours Truly
Francis L. Beatty


1. Letters not located.

2. Newspaper published in Belfast; the enclosure has not been located.

3. Richard Davison (1796-1869), Belfast solicitor and Conservative MP for Belfast 1852-1860.

4. Ferguson was at one time Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce for Belfast and later High Sheriff.

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