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Document number: 8029
Date: 23 Jan 1860
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BEATTY Francis S
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA60-2
Last updated: 22nd November 2012

16 College Green
Jany 23d 1860

Dear Sir

I am verry [sic] unwilling to occupy your time unnecessarily in reference to the subject of Photoglyphic Engraving I have laboured under a mistake in the matter for I have no Idea you would give me a Licence to practice the art as patented by you for no consideration nor did I ask the favour which I would gladly accept

My first communication to you, was a voluntary proposal to render any assistance in my power to further the full development of the art and the printed circular enclosed containing a detail of what I consider I can accomplish on Large or small plates and further experience convinces me that I am practically right

I also know well the kind of work it is capable of doing independant [sic] of Pictures, but commercially This I will acquaint you of at some future period In one department of the government alone a saving of some thousands yearly could be effected by it

In the hurry of Business and in consequence of the great delay in getting the specimens to forward to Belfast I have forgotten to give my opinion of the specimens you kindly sent (for which I feel extremely oblidged [sic]), they are all verry [sic] Beautifull sic and the Printing is extremely good I suspect they are printed from Steel plates

I can have no objection to accept from you a Licence but will esteem it as a great favour On your sending me the usual form it will be attended to

With Every Respect You [sic] Truly
Francis S Beatty

Henry Fox Talbot Esq

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