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Document number: 8057
Date: 16 Mar 1860
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BEATTY Francis S
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: 28613
Collection number historic: LA60-13 & part of LA60-10
Last updated: 9th May 2015

[printed notepaper:]
National Photographic Institution.
Engraving & Printing Establishment.
16 College Green.
Nearly Opposite the Bank of Ireland.

March 16th 1860

My Dear Sir

I received yours 14th March <1> Enclosing Memorandum of Agreement of Licence to practice you [sic] Patented Invention Improvements in the Art of Engraving dated [blank space] of April 1858

I send it to you signed but made a mistake in the date part of April alter it to the right date

I feel verry [sic] much oblidged [sic] for the mark of your consideration and favour and believe me

yours Most Truly
Francis S Beatty

Fox Talbot Esqr

[enclosure, annotated in WHFT’s hand:]

Memorandum of Agreement made the 14th day of March 1860

Whereas W. H. F. Talbot of Lacock Abbey in the county of Wilts hath obtained Her Majesty’s Letters Patent dated Month <2> of April 1858 for Improvements in the Art of Engraving. And whereas F. S. Beatty of the City of Dublin, engraver is desirous of using and practising the said Patent Invention for Scientific purposes, but not for pecuniary gain; the said W. H. F. Talbot hereby consents to give license to the said F. S. Beatty to use the said Patent invention for One Year from the date hereof, and after the expiration of the said term of one year, further, until due notice has been served upon the said F. S. Beatty desiring him to cease from using the same without the payment of any sum of money as consideration for the use of the said Patent – And the said F. S. Beatty hereby agrees to accept the said License and not to use the invention so as to derive any pecuniary gain therefrom, without the consent in writing of the said W. H. F. Talbot first hand and obtained.

[signed and addressed in Beatty’s hand:]
Francis S Beatty

To W. H. Fox Talbot Esq
Lacock abbey

[envelope, annotated by WHFT "Beatty":]
Fox Talbot Esre
Lacock Abbey


1. See Doc. No: 08054.

2. Word ‘Month’ inserted by Beatty.

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