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Document number: 5645
Date: 17 Jun 1875
Recipient: BENTHAM George
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Collection number: v10 d3748
Last updated: 1st September 2003

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G. Bentham Esq

Lacock Abbey


June 17. 1875

My Dear Sir

Many Thanks for your observations on the genus Vellozia and its allies. I will make some remarks about it on another occasion.

I believe you take a great interest in the order Labiatæ – I therefore enclose a specimen about which I am desirous to have your opinion –

Last year I found growing spontaneously in my garden a species of Thymus which I do not remember to have cultivated – It may be characterized

"foliis minimis, rotundis <gla>berrimis verticillis sexafloris, floribus minimis, stylo incluso."

The plant is perennial and has fragrant leaves – I showed it to a botanical friend who said it was Thymus Corsicus; but that cannot be as Corsicus is described as frutescent, flowers opposite, margin of leaves sub-cartilaginous.

The flowers of this plant are almost microscopic, but if not well preserved in the specimen sent today, <in a> few weeks there will be a much better display –

The plant creeps remarkably flat on the ground, putting out fibres at every joint.

No described species appears to agree with < illeg> it, unless on the supposition of considerable error in the description, or great variability. The included style is peculiar.

Yours very truly

H. F. Talbot

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