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Document number: 4785
Date: 03 Jun 1875
Recipient: BENTHAM George
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Collection number: v10 d3744
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Lacock Abbey

June 3 – 1875

My dear Sir

Not knowing your present address, I have directed this to the Linnæan Society. <1> I am greatly attached to Botany, and have for many years cultivated curious plants, but living as I do almost always in the country far away from any man of science I often feel the want of an instructor who could resolve my doubts and difficulties – If you have leisure to answer the following question I should be glad to know your opinion. Many species of Allium produce bulbs intermixed with their flowers, but so that one bulb always represents one flower and comes in lieu of it. Now I cultivate a little Cape plant called Hessia Spiralis, or Strumaria spiralis (Hexandria Monogynia) and I noticed one day that the germen in this flower divided itself into six little bulbs. I waited some weeks until these bulbs were ripe and began to sprout then I removed them and planted them in a pot of earth. They are now about one year old and very healthy. What I wish to know is whether any other plant has been observed to possess a similar œconomy?

Not to trouble you with other questions at present, although I have many curiosities in my garden,

Believe me
Yours faithfully

H. Fox Talbot

G. Bentham Esq
Linnn Socy


1. Linnean Society, London.

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