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Document number: 172
Date: 1853
Recipient: BREWSTER David
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: PRIVATE
Collection number: Richard M Ford Ltd
Last updated: 2nd February 2018

[fragment] <1>

[illegible] <2> exhibition next year?

Yours vy trul
H F Talbot

[enclosure:] <3>
H F Talbot
33 Bury Street
St James’s <4>

address written by Mr Talbot himself (the inventor of Talbotyping.) 1853 <5>


1. Previously removed from an autograph album compiled by Annie, daughter-in-law of Sir David Brewster. From the owner’s description: ‘a letter from Brewster in the same collection informs “Annie” that he is sending some autographs. (Other items in the collection are addressed to him and/or reflect his acquaintance.)’.

2. Part of text missing.

3. Address written in another hand.

4. In the 1851 Post Office Directory this was a lodging house in London operated by Mrs Julia Blade; in the 1856 POD, it was still a lodging house, by then owned by William Rawlings. This is the only time WHFT is known to have stayed there.

5. Written in another hand.

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