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Document number: 8276
Date: 27 Dec 1860
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BREWSTER David
Collection: National Science and Media Museum, Bradford
Collection number: 1937-5402
Collection 2: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number 2 historic: Acc 21639 (envelope)
Last updated: 20th November 2012

Dear Mr Talbot,

I am delighted to learn that you are to be in Edinburgh <1> for some time.

It will give me great pleasure to become acquainted with your Son. <2>

I regretted to find that Mrs Gilchrist Clark <3> had left Edinr when I call upon her.

I would have answered your Note sooner, but I expected to have done it personally, on the 24th, when I intended to be in Edinr – I had indeed got to Galashiels <4> 4 miles from this, but was driven back by the intensity of the cold.

I have not seen the Phosphoroscope <5> of Becquerel but if it requires Sun to exhibit it, I am afraid we must adjourn to some other planet.

I am, Dear Mr Talbot, Ever Most Truly yrs
D Brewster

Allerly Melrose
Decr 27th 1860

P.S. I hope to be in Edinr on the 29th, and at Duncliffe Murrayfield near Edinr.

Henry Fox Talbot Esq
11 Moray Place


1. At 11 Moray Place. See Doc. No: 08269.

2. Charles Henry Talbot (1842–1916), antiquary & WHFT’s only son.

3. Matilda Caroline Gilchrist-Clark, ‘Tilly’, née Talbot (1839–1927), WHFT’s 3rd daughter.

4. A town about four miles northwest of Melrose on the Edinburgh road, in the former county of Selkirkshire.

5. A device invented by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel (1820–1891) for the measurement of phosphorescence.

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