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Document number: 2976
Date: 21 Aug 1834
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BREWSTER David
Collection: National Science and Media Museum, Bradford
Collection number: 1937-4811
Last updated: 1st May 2012

My Dear Sir,

Having been from Home for some time I write in the Greatest haste to say that I shall be most happy to present any paper of yours to the Association; <1> and I earnestly hope that the delay which has taken place in answering this letter will not have prevented you from preparing it.

I am My Dear Sir Ever Most truly yrs
D Brewster

Belleville by Kingussie
Augt 21st 1834


P.S. I shall leave this about the 4th Septr, & if you do not send your MSS here before that time be so good as to address it to me at the Royal Society Apartments Edinr. <2>


1. The British Association for the Advancement of Science, which met in Edinburgh in 1834. No paper by WHFT is recorded in their Report.

2. Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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