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Document number: 62
Date: Sun Oct 1815
Dating: nd- see mumps in 00670, 15 Oct 1815
Watermark: 1809
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BUTLER George
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003


Sunday Morng

My dear Talbot,

We have in the Library a beautiful copy of Janius, 4to Lond. 1812, <1> illustrated with portraits. You must again select: and should you happen to Select some 3 or 4 works, out of which I might name that which we have not, there would be the greater probability of not clashing with the existing catalogue.

I have desired your Cousin to write <2> to you. His health is now very good: he arrived with a great sore of Mumps, of which he soon made a prodigious display: but by constant care and discreet nursing his features in due time resumed their customary Symmetry. I long to hear of your re-establishment in a course of study: your cousin tells me, that your recent plan has been abandoned.

Farewell! Permit me most kindly and respectfully to any of your party at Burleigh, who do me the honour to remember me, and believe me to be,

With sincere affection, Your faithful friend,

Geo Butler

A very nice book for the Library would be the Reprint Thucydides, <3> 6 vols 8vo Taciti Opera, Edit Brotier, curante Valpy <4> – Lond. 1812 5 vols 8vo (the small paper would do quite as well as the large) or Milton’s works, or Dryden’s. <5> Remember send bound, whatever you do send, – with your name inscribed in the Beginning

W. H. F. Talbot Esq


1. There were several editions of this popular work issued in this year.

2. Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (1803–1890), immensely wealthy landowner, mathematician & politician; WHFT’s Welsh cousin. For his letter see Doc. No: 00670 of 14th October 1815.

3. Thucydides (c a.460–404), Athenian historian.

4. Gabriel Brotier and Abraham John Valpy.

5. John Milton (1608–1674), poet and John Dryden (1631–1700), poet, dramatist and literary critic.

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