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Document number: 475
Date: 20 Dec 1857
Dating: prior to Fellowship
Recipient: COVENTRY Andrew
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Univ of Pennsylvania Rare Book & Manuscript Library Philadelphia
Collection number: spec coll
Last updated: 30th August 2010

Atholl Crescent
Dec 20

Dr Sir

I thank you for a sight of Mr Grove’s <1> book which I return herewith.

With respect to the order of admission to the meetings of the R. Socy <2> Profr Forbes <3> has the goodness to supply me with orders, but I have been unable to leave the house during the late severe weather

Believe me Yours very truly
H. F. Talbot

A. Coventry Esq
27 Moray Place


1. Sir William Robert Grove (1811-1896), scientist.

2. Royal Society of Edinburgh. WHFT was elected an an Honorary Fellow on 4 January 1858 - see Doc. No: 07520.

3. Prof James David Forbes (1809–1868), Scottish scientist.

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