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Document number: 5467
Date: 01 Aug 1844
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: COX John Axtell Deacon
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 5th August 2012

Gt. Queen Street
Aug. 1st 1844.


I regret to say that through unforeseen circumstances a review of your work did not appear in the Asiatic Journal this month, however I enclose you a note I received from Mr Thornton, <1> the Editor of that publication which will show you the opinion he entertains of its merits. It being the end of a volume of the critic, containing index &c I thought it better to reserve the notice until the next number which will appear on the 15th inst <2>

I think that I shall be enabled to procure you a notice in the Times through Mr Delaine, <3> the Editor perhaps therefore you will have the kindness to send me an order for a copy which I will not use unless I can make certain of a review <4>

I have the honour to be, Sir
Your most obedt Servt
Jno. A. Cox

[enclosed note: Thomas Thornton to J. A. Cox:]

Tuesday night.

My dear Sir,

I am very sorry that, in the hurry in which I have been for the last week, I have omitted to notice, as I promised & intended, the very beautiful book of Mr Fox Talbot. The mischief is irreparable till next month, when you may rely upon it that it shall be noticed as it deserves, and I will lose no opportunity of mentioning it that may occur.

Believe me to be, My dear Sir, faithfully yours,
Thos Thornton.


1. Thomas Thornton (17861866), editor of The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany.

2. The very favourable review in The Critic, v. 2 no. 15, n.s. v.1, 15 August 1844.

3. A misspelling for John Thadeus Delane (18171879), editor of the Times.

4. The Times review appeared on 6 September 1844, no. 18708, p. 7.

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