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Document number: 1491
Date: 12 Oct 1826
Recipient: DARLEY John
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 2nd March 2012

[added at top in a lighter pen:]
51 .. 5 .. 0

London 12th October 1826


Mr Awdry<1> informs me that your charge for making a map of my property at Lacock without embellishments or any extra expenses will be 40 and 10 for a map of the village on an enlarged scale <2> I am willing to go to the above expense, & wish you to set about it as soon as you conveniently can. You had better leave till the last, some fields which I am going to exchange with Mr Montagu & others; which Mr Awdry will point out.

I am yours &c
W. H. F. Talbot

Albany, Piccadilly.

Be so good as to inform Mr Awdry I am going to Paris, & that my direction is Poste Restante, Paris

[address panel:]
Mr Darley

[added above address panel, apparently in Darley's hand, in the same style as his handwriting in Doc. No: 02067:]
12th October 1826
W.H.F. Talbot Esqre


1. WHFT had a long association with various members of the Awdry firm, but in this period was probably referring to William Henry Awdry (17781847), solicitor, Chippenham.

2. This is possibly the map Darley wanted to be paid for in 1830 - see Doc. No: 02067. There is a manuscript map in a private collection derived from Lacock Abbey, titled A Survey of the Abbey with the Manor of Lacock in the County of Wilts the Estate of William Henry Fox Talbot Esqr. 1827; it is bound in marbled paper, with sheets measuring 33 x 22 cm.

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