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Document number: 3531
Date: Tue 04 Jul 1837
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: GAISFORD Henrietta Horatia Maria, née Feilding
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA37-31
Last updated: 22nd December 2010

My dear Henry

We did not write yesterday as there was not much change, tho the doctors did say they thought rather more favorably of him <1> but this morning they have pronounced him decidedly better, & so I will not delay telling you the good news. He is now laying [sic] on the sofa which makes a little change, as he is so tired of his bed They think his leg rather less swelled than it was, & hope the inflammation is subsiding. He talks more too & is more like himself Mama <2> took a little drive yesterday & will I hope again to-day She looks rather better. I hope you received the wedding cake Theresa <3> is in town but I have not yet seen her. They set off on their tour next Saturday I hope the nice things are well give my love to Constance <4>

Yr affte Sister

W. Henry Fox Talbot Esqre
Laycock Abbey


1. Rear Admiral Charles Feilding (17801837), Royal Navy; WHFTs step-father.

2. Lady Elisabeth Theresa Feilding, ne Fox Strangways, first m Talbot (17731846), WHFTs mother.

3. Theresa Anna Maria Digby, ne Fox Strangways (18141874), WHFTs cousin. On 20 June 1837, she married Edward St. Vincent Digby, 9th Baron Digby of Geashill (1809 1889).

4. Constance Talbot, ne Mundy (18111880), WHFTs wife.

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