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Document number: 1980
Date: 05 Apr 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FITZSIMMONS Cornelius
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Lacock Abbey

April 5th / 30 –


in this little box I send a few specimens of what are in bloom in the green house just now. the Hypecoum procumbens is still in bloom I send a specimen of an Ornithogalum (at least I think so) that has been in bloom since you left the abbey, the colour of the orchis has been far richer some days ago, as also a specimen of Echium prostrata and Lachenalia the only bloom there is the Cuma is still in bloom I send a few Cyclamens Latus Jacobeus & night smelling stocks, the specimen that I think is ornithogalum has got no Label to its pot, the Violets are for Miss Feilding <1>

I mean to go to Calne <2> tomorrow for the Creepers to plant against the walls of the wood house as it is getting late in the season the weather in this part of the country for these few days has been very unfavourable we have had severe snow on thursday friday & saturday, and on sunday morning the thermometer stood at 25 D and this morning at 19 Degrees it makes every thing look ill

Sir the money you gave me in advance will about pay this weeks’ expenses. I thought the best way would be to send the book that you might examine every thing I paid I have not put the maid servants board wages in the weekly acct you will find it on the other side of the book, but the amount brought forward and added to the total expenditure, I shall feel obliged for some money when convenient

Your Obdt Huble Servt

Cs Fitzsimmonsr

H. F. Talbot, Esqr


1. Caroline Augusta Edgcumbe, née Feilding, Lady Mt Edgcumbe (1808–1881); WHFT’s half-sister who had her own garden. [See Doc. No: 02595.]

2. Wiltshire

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