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Document number: 5371
Date: 20 Jan 1874
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FULLER John Mee
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 28th April 2012

67 Lincolns Inn Fields
Jan 20/ 74

Dear Sir

The ‘Academy’ tells me that on Jan. 6 you read a paper on some Illustrations of the Book of Daniel from the Assyrian Inscriptions, <1> furnishing Evidence of extreme forms of punishment &c

Will you allow me a perusal of your paper?

I am preparing the Commentary on that Book for the ‘Speaker’s’ Bible, & it would be a matter of great interest to the reader if – through your discoveries – I might refer to & quote from your paper.

I have always felt that the Inscriptions would – as they were deciphered – furnish such illustrations as you have just published & I should be only too glad if – thanks to your help – I might assist in inducing those, who still impugn the decipherment of the Inscriptions, to reconsider what is so replete with interest & instruction.

I am, dear Sir, very faithfully yrs
J. M. Fuller


1. This was a summary of the papers read at the Society of Biblical Archaeology on 6 January. WHFT's contribution was "On Some Illustrations of the Book of Daniel from Assyrian Inscriptions," The Academy, no. 88, 10 January 1874, pp. 43-44.

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