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Document number: 5372
Date: 26 Jan 1874
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FULLER John Mee
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 28th April 2012

Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.
67, lincoln’s inn fields, london, w.c.
Jan 26 1874

My dear Sir

I beg to thank you very Sincerely for your paper – recd this morning from Messr. Harrison.

May I intrude upon your kindness with another question.

Among the names in Dan. i.7. occur the names ‘Shadrach & Meshach’ & elsewhere (ii) ‘Arioch.’

Is it possible that the names are of Assyrian or Chald śan derivation rather than Persian? Have your researches among the inscriptions enabled you to read similar names, or to form any opinion about them?

Independent of any question of authenticity, it seems to be more obvious to find Semitic names in Daniel rather than Persian.

Hitzig – I venture to think – goes too far, in making every thing Persian. – Meier (in the Zeitschr. d.D.M.G. xvii) makes the terminations – ôk, âk, Semitic, & makes such names as Shadrach ([Hebrew]) & Meshach of Nabat śo – (hald. origin: & curiously enough the first syllable of Mesh-ach (שת) is pointed out by Levy (Z.d.D.M.G. xiv) as an cαπ-λεγ. & has a proper name found in the [suriatic?] Inscriptions (of Nabateau origin). Is such view, in your opinion, kuable?

Will you forgive my troubling you on a matter of some philological interest, & believe me to be

Yrs sincerely obliged
J. M. Fuller

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