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Document number: 9424
Date: 03 Oct 1868
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 26th January 2011

Carruchan Dumfries
3 Oct 1868

My dear Mr Talbot

I am glad to be able to give you an excellent account of Tillys progress she has been going on particularly well, in fact the Doctor when he saw her yesterday, said he did not think he need return again till tomorrow which is a very good indication of his opinion of her.

When I last wrote to you I was rather hurried, and I daresay I did not express myself very [ill. del.] clearly, so I will not explain that we are still at Carruchan; for though the scarlet fever is certainly less prevalent in Thornhill than it was, it is still hanging about the neighbourhood to a degree that renders it imprudent (for those not actually obliged) to return thither

The children are all flourishing and in excellent health. They seem to get on very well with Miss White, who is exceedingly amiable and Ladylike, and makes herself pleasant to everyone.

As you say you do not stir much from the house I wonder if you are working at your engraving if so I hope you are making good progress. The weather here has now become quite Autumnal and the days are fast shortening summer seems to have lasted very long this year I am glad Charles is taking to county work it is good employment for him and becomes more interesting as he goes on.

With our best love to you both I am yours very affectly
J: Gilchrist Clark

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