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Document number: 9653
Date: 06 Jun 1870
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: ELLICOTT Charles John
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 24th December 2012

2 Portland Place W
June 6. 1870

Dear Mr Talbot

Unfortunately I have to eave home early on Tuesday, have to lecture at Kings College, and alas! much else, – so that I can only get to the Athenæum* at 12.30 I think we can secure a quiet corner. I have discussed there and planned the most complicated public matters, so that I suppose I have a predilection for the place when difficulties are in the way.

The difficulties of Lacock are, however, very slight, & soon dealt with (1) As to the money: if the Bishop approved in writing, it is a mortgage on the living; if not, it is a personal debt. (2) As to his absence I can give him two years, and if you wish it, will do so

Beyond that time it rests solely with my friend t he Archbishop, who being (with me) keenly alive to the evils of absenteism would not be very likely to consent

We are now preparing to legislate exactly in a contrary direction.

The easiest solution would be for the present curate to exchange with somebody at home, and that somebody with Mr Nichol [sic]

However, – more on this when I have the pleasure of seeing you.

I should have expressed the hope that you would dine with us on Tuesday, but unfortunately We are out both Monday & Tuesday and on Wednesday I leave early for Gloucestershire

Very faithfully yours
C J Glouc: & Bristol

I will look out for you in the small North Library – usually at entirely free all the morning.

*My work lying in that part of the town.

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