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Document number: 10007
Date: 08 Feb 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: HOBBS William
Collection: Bodleian Library, Oxford - Fox Talbot Personal Archive
Collection number: FT10029
Last updated: 24th April 2015

[Complicating the reading of this letter's idiosyncratic spelling and punctuation, it survives in a heavily water damaged state, with the ink very faint in places, along with some insect damage]


The Calculated Expenses of the proposed alterations at Lacock Abbey, in which is included the Taking down the New Erections: and the South Wall of the Gallery to the Level of the floor and Building a New Front to the Same - agreeable to the Elevation produced (with Such Materials as are on the Spot as are fitt [sic] for this purpose the Builder to provide that which will be wanting: in each department) in which will be included all the Masonary for the Said Front and the Repairs of the Dillapated Arches of the Cloisters as are [illegible] the Back Wall of the Gallery and also to Build the Said Back Wall to the Height of stone first above the floor and to form two fireplaces in the Same and to erect a Gothic Model Chimney Piece to each of the Same Materials and workmanship as the rest of the Gallery-

To fix a floor of deal joist from the present Back Wall to the new Back Wall and Lay a floor Inch deal in [illegible] Laying on the [illegible] To fix substantial framed Lentills across the 3 Windows and also Band and wall plates To erect a Substantial deal framed King Post Roof - With Correspondant Borders [illegible] pole plates. Rafters to Correspond with those on the New Building and Cover the Whole with Inch Red deal Board free of Sap-

To provide such lead as May be wanted beyond the Quantity already on the Building at the Rate of 7 pounds pr foot Superficial to Cover the Roof and Gutter-

To lath and 3 Coat plaster the Ceiling of the Gallery - and also to 3 Coat plaster the Walls-

The Whole of the Work is Calculated to amount to 901 . 0 0 <1>

William Hobbs

To H F Talbot Esr

Feb. 8th 1830-


1. Hobbs wrote over the middle number - to the present day eye, it appears to be 951, but Lady Elisabeth read it as 901 - see Doc. No: 01963. Hobbs's bid, in the middle of the price range, was ultimately unsuccessful.