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Document number: 1811
Date: 12 Mar 1829
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA29-45
Last updated: 24th January 2013

Sweetings Rents Royal Exchge
March 12. 1829


In answer to your enquiry relative to Mr Talbots Mining shares <1> I beg to state that Mr Pateson is a very regular & respectable Jobber in securities of that sort & in the course of his numerous transactions had sold 10 Shares in the Anglo Mexican Compy to Mr Hahn (or Mr Hahn’s broker) at 21 per Share & being the same number which Mr Pateson had bought of us he handed over the usual transfer ticket & which is continually done to avoid multiplied transfers & charges of ad valorem <2> duties, the latter amounts to £2 on Mr Talbot’s Sale paid by the purchaser, moreover admitting that Mr Pateson gained one pound per Share on the purchase & sale of the 10 Shares it would be considered as very moderate as there is frequently a difference of £5 a share in such securities – The price of A.M. Shares varied from 18¾ to 21 between the 28 Jany & 18th feby & we were as likely to have transfer’d them below as above the price (£20) at which we sold them for Mr Talbot –

To Hugh Hammersley Esqre bracket symbol - right I remain Sir for Self & Partners
Yours very truly & obliged
T R Andrews

Dear Sir

To save postage I write upon this sheet. The jobber is a necessary personage & must have his profit generally calculated for the risk which he runs, & the accommodation which he affords. He is necessary in the public funds as well as in these objects of a private nature for it would be very difficult to find at the moment he was wanted the real buyer or seller.

Yrs very truly
Hugh Hammersley

W. H. F. Talbot Esqr
Lacock Abbey

Hugh Hammersley Esqre
Pall Mall


1. Deriving from the Anglo-Mexican Mining Association, London.

2. According to the value.

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