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Document number: 1335
Date: 20 Dec 1825
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA25(MW)-76
Last updated: 26th January 2013

20 Decem 1825


Our Brokers have at length effected the purchase of fs 670 de Rentes French 5 pr Cent Stock at 93, the note of which is enclosed and the cost placed to the debit of your account in 499 16 8 With respect to Exchequer Bills, the 100 bills have never been so low as 60/ discount

The 50 shares of the Thames Tunnel Company, are quoted in the printed list as at 20 discount, although 17 only have been paid upon them; but this price is merely nominal, it is scarcely possible to get any information about them, in the present state of the money market. A Certificate of the Mexican Mine <1> share will be delivered to you as soon as the transfer is completed.

We shall be happy to pay the call needed upon it, as also the future ones if you will do us the favor to send us the notices, otherwise they may be overlooked

We have the honor to be Sir, Your most obt Servants
Hammersleys & Co

W. H F Talbot Esq

Decr 19th 1825

Bot for W H F Talbot

Fs 670 de Rentes french [sic] 5 pr Cts
@ 93.50 Cts exchge 25.10
bracket symbol - left 499 3 4
Commissn [illegible] pr Ct on 13 4
Capital of fs 13400
@ exchge 25/10 _________
499 16 8

Andrews Parker & Scrutton


W. H. F Talbot Esq
nr Dorchester


1. Silver mines in Mexico previously exploited by the Spanish. Mexico became a Republic in 1824 with a precarious economy. Mining, a mainstay in colonial times, had declined during the many years of fighting.

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