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Document number: 8647
Date: 02 Feb 1863
Dating: 1863? most likely year at this address
Recipient: HARDWICKE Robert
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine London
Collection number: MS.7684/64
Collection number historic: 69099
Last updated: 18th March 2010


11 Great Stuart St
Feb. 2


I return your Proof as requested As I recollect sending you correct particulars for your first Edition, <1> I cannot conceive how they should have been given so erroneously in your work as it appears (from the extract enclosed by you) they were.

Especially as I remember that Mr Walford <2>acknowledged my letter with thanks, which shows that it came to hand duly.

I remain Sir Yours obedly
W. H. F. Talbot

P.S. perhaps you will send me a corrected proof.

Mr Hardwicke


1. Hardwicke was a prolific publisher but it is not clear what second edition this might be. Perhaps it was a planned (but never published) revision of Hardwicke's Electoral Representation of the United Kingdom, from the Reform Act of 1832 Down to this Present Time...with an Original Preface upon Anomalies in the Existing Representative System, by E. Walford (London, 1856).

2. Edward Walford (1823-1897), a scholar and frequent author for Hardwicke.