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Document number: 4358
Date: 08 Nov 1841
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: HENLEY William Thomas
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA41-66
Last updated: 29th April 2012

23 Red Lion Street
8th Novr 1841.

Respected Sir

I received your Note <1> this Morning, and beg leave to say that the way I have wound the the [sic] Iron is the best of several that I have tried I have tested the magnetic power as far as 6, Cwt – it’s [sic] construction being different to [sic] any I have yet made I have not an Apparatus to test it farther – but am satisfied it will sustain Much more – To try its attractive power, with one cell and then with two – with intensity arrangement I applyd [sic] a piece of Iron 4 Inches long and a Ό wide with one cell it held 50lb. and with two cells 120lb – I used the small piece of Iron for this experiment as with a greater Surface the adhesion would have been too great for me to have been enabled to judge of the retentive properties – With most respectful defference [sic] I beg leave to submit that if the grooves had been wider so as to have admitted of 4 coils instead of two – the effect would have been still greater –

I have sent the Tube with the Magnet – for your inspection and am

Respected Sir Yours Most obediently
W. T. Henley


1. Not located.

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