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Document number: 5902
Date: 10 Mar 1847
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: HENNEMAN Nicolaas
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA47-34
Last updated: 9th July 2010

March 10/ 47


Sints closing my other letter Mr Bailey <1> called on me to ask to be imployed as comercial Traveler he is going to travel for a French house in the privet line, I have made an agrement with him Subject to your aproval, he starts nex monday on a tour his comission is ten percent on all bona fide Sales, and two shillings and six pence for every account he opens for us. I think his terms very moderate if you think it worth your while you can send a line to him 134 Long Acre he starts for London to morrow I have been talking the Subject Over with him about the best towns for us to dispose of them and he says he is sure from his own experience that we shall dispose but very few onless on Sale or return he thought with me that forty per cent for bona fide sales (with his ten percent will make fifty) and 25 pr Ct for sale or return, those that lay out shall have a lot Send to them to select from and return those they do not want with in a week if we do not receve them back by the specified time they will be concidered as bought the whole lot the Sale or return ones to be exchanged when requisite but all soiled or damaged to be paid for if you aprove of the plan send me word by return of post that I may Send to you a lot as Samples for him to take with him wish you may give him if you write a line to him he will call on you nex fryday or Saturday you could get the Sampels up on Saturday morning I enclose you a card for the house he is going to travel for and where he is staying in London he wants to beg a few pounds worth for him self but I wont let him have any new ones

your Obidient Servant
N: Henneman


1. Owen Bailey (1813-1866); Importer of Works of Art, Printseller & Publisher, London [See Doc. No: 05927].

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