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Document number: 5826
Date: 1851
Dating: 1851-1852? dated by Kossuth portrait
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: HENNEMAN Nicolaas
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LAM-124
Last updated: 25th February 2017

A Small Circular is wanted to go inside the case of every portrait that is send out, to contain the following explanations –

first on the top in the Centre

Portrait No 3742 –

then comes, that by sending only the above number they can at any time have a facsimile of the Enclosed portrait, as Mr H. & Co<1> file all thier negatives from wish any number of possitives like the present can be taken by Sending a P. O Order on the Piccadilly post office for 8/ less then wath thy paid for the present one – Mr H & Co can not afford to Sell duplicates Cheaper as thy have to pay thier Artists and pay for the cases the Same as in the first, the duplicates are in every respect as good as the first –

a larger or general circular is wanted the old one must be curtailed a good deal as people seldom read long ones the new introductions are some of the following – extension of primosses, Shorter time of Sitting, firstrate artist for colouring, & on the primosses will guarantee a good likenes but not expression as that depends on the Sitters them selfs M the Sun not nesesary many peopel think so because thy are Called Sun pictures – it is an erroneous Idea peopel [illegible deletion] thinking thy have any dificulty in keeping a good or plesant expression from the Strong light they are put in, favour the recent accellerating midiums thy can operate with very little light, the portrait to be paid for on delivery person in the contry can have their portrait send by sending a P O order for 1/6 more the the [sic] price of the portrait payb payabel at the Piccadilly P O. the price of the portrait are £5ּ5 – £3ּ3 – & £1ּ11ּ6 including a handsome morocco case gilt matt – & plate Glass the whol hermeticaly Sealed –

Agents for Ross & Thompsons Blanccord Everads [sic], Martens, Ferriér, <2> & other Eminent Photographers, a Splendid variety always on Sale the prices of the views vary from 5/ to 30/1 Great inprovement in the manufactory of paper, – kosuth portrait, Lord Brougham, <3> Send for etc

great inprovement in aparatus, and pure Chemicals from Paris – about the Stereoscope pictures<4>


1. Abbrieviation of Nicolaas Henneman and Co.

2. Ross & Thomson, Edinburgh photographers; Louis-Désiré Blanquart-Évrard (1802–1872), photographer; Friedrich von Martens (1809–1875), German inventor & photographer, active in Paris; Claude Marie Ferrier (1811–1889), photographer & photographic publisher, Paris.

3. Louis Kossuth / Lajos Kossuth (1802–1894), Hungarian Governor-President and freedom fighter in exile, sat for a portrait by Henneman Tuesday 4 November 1851 (see Doc. No: 06504). Probably Henry Peter Brougham, Baron of Brougham & Voux (1778–1868), Lord Chancellor (see Doc. No: 05352).

4. Optical apparatus for viewing photographs in 3D (see Doc. No: 06604).

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