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Document number: 863
Date: 15 Jul 1851
Recipient: HENNEMAN Nicolaas
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: PRIVATE
Collection number: Hans P Kraus, Jr
Last updated: 10th August 2010


Hennn July 15 /51

Hg tn legal advice on ye subj of ye injy done t my intsts as a P by suny gn wh h tkn instns fm y as Arr, but h not kept to ye agrs, wch they mde wt Y at yt time, I hve bn advs yt it is necy to discnue yt srt of arrt & grant regr Ls as is done wt resp to oth Ps You will plse t ge ntce to any pson t whm y m give instrns in ye art yt y do so upon ye undstd condn yt tey h the licses t ex. ye art as amrs upon ye trms wch are askd of othr prsns

[illegible] to ye Conl pmts [illegible] defg at pres. ye trms of such Ls but they will not exc 20 gs or if propsd an accnt paymt wch may be discontd when ye L is no longer wished for

[expanded version]

to Nicolaas Henneman

July 15, 1851

Having taken legal advice on the subject of the injury done to my interests as a Patentee <1> by sundry gentlemen who have taken instructions from you as Arranged, but has not kept to the agreements which they made with You at the time, I have been advised that it is necessary to discontinue the start of the arrangement and grant regular Licenses as is done with respect to other Patentees. You will therefore please to give notice to any person whom you may give instructions in the art that you do so upon the understandable condition that they take licenses to execute the art as upon the terms which are asked of other persons.

[illegible] to the Continental patents my settling definitely at present the terms of such Licenses but they will not exceed twenty guineas or it preferred an annual payment which will be discontinued when the License is no longer wished for


1. Dispute concerning photographs of Crystal Palace. The photographs were eventually published in Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851: Reports by the Juries. Four volumes, illustrated by original photographic prints from negatives by Hugh Owen and Claude Marie Ferrier. In the copies given to WHFT, a dedicatory sheet was inserted (most likely printed up by him): 'This Work, on the Results of the Great Exhibition of 1851, Illustrated with Photographic Plates, being One of Fifteen Copies Given by the Royal Commissioners to H.F. Talbot, Esq. of Lacock Abbey, as The Inventor of this Branch of the Photographic Art, was by him presented to _____'. This publication caused WHFT considerable consternation at the time, for he felt that the Commissioners had stealthily and unfairly taken the job of printing the plates away from Nicolaas Henneman. For a summary of this complex situation, see Nancy B Keeler, 'Illustrating the "Reports by the Juries" of the Great Exhibition of 1851; Talbot, Henneman, and Their Failed Commission,' History of Photography, v. 6 no. 3, July 1982, pp. 257-272.

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