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Document number: 5453
Date: 01 Dec 1845
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: JONES Calvert Richard
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA45-154
Last updated: 2nd November 2006


Decbr. 1. 1845

My dear Sir,

I wrote in such haste last week, that I forgot to tell you that when at Paris, I went to see M. Bayard, <1> who is succeeding very fairly in negative Photography, and also in the copies: his system is of course a secret, but he told me it was much more simple and easy of manipulation than yours, this however is nothing to the purpose which I meant to tell you, and that is, respecting his paper, which appears to come out very even and without spots; he was kind enough to give me a few sheets for you; I send this and hope they may answer, he also gave me the address of the manufacturer, which I have mislaid, but do not doubt that I shall find it.

At Lyons, Avignon, and Marseilles I saw some Photographs which the Shopkeepers at the houses where they were exposed, represented as being paper Dags, <2> but which, from certain identical stains on different copies, I discovered to be a kind of Talbotype; they appeared to be quickly done, as several figures appeared.

They were done by an Italian, named Leuchi, <3> who is prepared to reveal his method whenever a certain number (how many I know not) of persons shall have agreed to give him 100 francs each: I did not see him, but all the Photographers I have met with are delighted with my paper specimens.

You need not be the least alarmed lest I shd reveal anything to these gentlemen.

I sincerely trust that the Gt Liverpool will bring me my Talbotype battery tomorrow, as the subjects here are splendid.

The Talbots have not as yet been able to find a house, Lady C <4> remains I think much the same but enjoys the lovely climate in driving, boating &c: the weather is as warm, and much more sunny than an English June.

Believe me yours sincerely

Calvert R. Jones.


1. Hippolyte Bayard (1801-1887), photographer and independent inventor of a paper based photographic process.

2. Much to Talbot's frustration, some writers referred to Calotypes as "Daguerreotypes on paper."

3. Probably Stefano Lecchi, a Milanese photographer now best known for his calotypes of the destruction caused by the short-lived 1849 Roman Republic. [See Doc. No: 05985 and Doc. No: 06013 ].

4. Lady Charlotte Butler, who was married to Kit Talbot.

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