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Document number: 2084
Date: Sun 28 Nov 1830
Dating: year confirmed by postmark
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: JOY Henry Hall
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection 2: National Science and Media Museum, Bradford - Talbot Collection
Collection 2 number: envelope only
Last updated: 2nd September 2012

Paper Buildgs
Sunday Nov 28

Dear Talbot,

I assure you it would give me great pleasure to stand by your side in the present onslaught under the command of the Emperor Paul: <1> but I am unhappily detained here by election-committees. This obstacle I have, however, done my possible <2> to remove by an application to the Lord Brougham <3> to have all the Ballots after that of Tuesday next postponed till the Xmas holidays are over. You are aware that it was in consequence of his opposition that this salutary measure was defeated. He admits the expediency of it in the present state of the country, & has desired me to see him again tomorrow at 4 o'clock. I fear much that it will be held too late to put off those, which stand for Thursday, no less than five, & some of them from Scotland. But should I succeed, I shall hurry home, & insist upon housing you chez moi, <4> if you are alone at Laycock. If you hesitate, I shall lead some of the Insurgents & bring you over by a douce violence. <5>

Wishing you meanwhile all health & safety I am very truly yours,
H. H. Joy.


London November Twenty Eight 1830

H. F. Talbot
Laycock Abbey

H. Burton


1. Probably Paul Methuen, Baron Methuen (1779-1849), MP. The reference is to the Swing Riots. [See Doc. No: 02079].

2. My best.

3. Henry Peter Brougham, Baron of Brougham & Voux (1778-1868), Lord Chancellor.

4. In my own house.

5. Pleasant forcefulness.

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