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Document number: 1392
Date: Tue 07 Mar 1826
Dating: evening
Postmark: 8 Mar 1826
Recipient: LLOYD Hannibal Evans
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Univ of Texas at Austin Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Collection number: Gernsheim
Last updated: 7th April 2014

Athenæum Club, Tuesday Evg <1>

Dear Sir,

Having met Mr Lambert <2> here today he mentioned to me that the box of plants which you had the goodness to order for me from Sieber at Prague,<3> would arrive in a month or two. As I am ignorant by what channel they will arrive, and shall for the next 6 months be on the continent, I am somewhat at a loss how to receive them. If you will be so kind as to direct the box to be sent to my bankers Messrs Hammersley, Pall Mall,<4> I have no doubt they will cause it to be lodged in safety until my return – In what manner Sieber will draw upon me for the amount, I do not know, but if he requires prompt payment, Hammersley & Co will pay the amount (which I expect will be the same as Mr Lamberts cargo came to, about 23 £) tho’ I imagine Mr Sieber will have no objection to wait till I open the box, & see the inside – However that may be, should you be put to any expense on the subject, I beg you will draw on Hammersley & Co for the amount.

I remain Dear Sir Yours sincerely & much obliged
W.H.F. Talbot

P.S. I leave town for the Continent Thursday afternoon, should you favour me with a line in answer before that time I shall be very thankful.

[address panel:]
H.E. Lloyd Esq –
Queen St


1. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London: WHFT’s club; a gentleman’s club composed primarily of artists and scientists.

2. Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761–1842), botanist.

3. Franz Wilhelm Sieber (1789-1844), botanist, collector and traveler who secured plants himself throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia, and purchased ones from the Western Hemisphere from others. Increasingly erratic in his behaviour, he was committed to an insane asylum four years after this letter and remained there the rest of his life.

4. Hammersley & Company, bankers, London.

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