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Document number: 7851
Date: 16 Apr 1853
Postmark: 16 Apr 1853
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: LONG Richard Penruddock
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: Acc 21530 (envelope)
Last updated: 14th November 2012

Apl 16th

Mr Richard Long takes the liberty of enclosing to Mr Talbot a statement which he earnestly requests him to read. He is very unwilling to trespass upon Mr Talbot’s time & goodnature but he trusts that the importance of the subject, (which is prby as great in a social & political point of view as in a religious one,) and the chief interest Mr Richard Long has taken in the formation & progress of the Wiltshire Society may be accepted as a sufficient Excuse for the Intrusion.

Very briefly the case is this. From very various concurrent circumstances large opportunities have been offered recently for the conversion of the Irish Papists. These opportunities have been promptly seized & most skilfully used. Different means from those made use of in previous efforts have been assayed. The result has been success so altogether unexampled as literally to be “miraculous”. The Papists are frightened, the Protestants of Engd & Ireld are beginning to see the importance of the crisis & to take up the movement in earnest.

Of the truth of the statements made concerning the results of our efforts, evidence accumulates from every quarter, unbidden. Let it suffice to quote Dr Newman’s own words uttered to a R. Catholic, as he thought. “If this movement continues for 4 or 5 years more, Ireland will become a Protestant country.”

Of the advantages of such a result there cannot be 2 opinions; viewed from whatever point – The simple question now put to the Protestants of England is Will they so assist us as to enable us to keep up the “movement” for 4 or 5 Years more? If they will, the result is, as far as human expectations can be, certain: To obtain this support, & gain the advantages of united action, County & District Associations have been formed in connection with the original Society. The Wiltshire one was the first formed of these & has already obtained a large & hearty support from the chief families of the County. The name of the rich & the mite of the poor are equally welcome. Will Mr Talbot permit his name to be added to the list?

In adding that he will be delighted to send Mr Talbot any additional Information he may wish for, Mr Richard Long again begs to apologise for the liberty he has thus taken in addressing him.

[envelope, blindstamped on flap "Conservative Club"; annotated by WHFT "R. Long Esq.":]
H. Talbot Esqe
Lacock Abbey

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