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Document number: 3127
Date: 02 Sep 1835
Recipient: LUBBOCK John William
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Royal Society, London
Collection number: LUB 38 T9
Last updated: 30th April 2012

Lacock Abbey
Sept. 2d 1835

My Dear Sir

I have found in the Hist. Céleste Française <1> p. 315 an observation of the star with which I compared the comet <2> on Aug. 27th and this has enabled me to give its place much more accurately, as follows

Aug 27. 14h Comet’s R.A. 5h 46′ 50″
D. 24° 17′ ½

I think this very near the truth –

I observed the comet again on Aug. 31st when it had not augmented in brightness, on the contrary I thought somewhat diminished. It has no nucleus or tail – I am much obliged by the communication of Dr Hussey’s <3> obsn of the 30th.

Believe me Yours vy Truly
H. F. Talbot


1. Joseph Jérôme Le Française de Lalande (1732–1807), Histoire Céleste Française Contenant les Observations Faites par Plusieurs Astronomes Française (Paris: Imprimerie de la république, 1801).

2. Halley’s Comet.

3. Rev Thomas John Hussey (1792-1854), amateur astronomer, rector of Hayes, Kent.

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