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Document number: 8505
Date: 15 Jan 1862
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MALONE Thomas Augustine
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: Acc no 21918 (envelope only)
Last updated: 10th October 2014

London Institution, Finsbury Circus: E.C.
Jan. 15. 1862.

To H. F Talbot Esqre &c &c


After eight years service I retire from the post of director of the Laboratory & Lecturer in chemistry in this Institution & I do so amicably & with the good wishes of the Managers. The funds of the Institution are not now adequate to all purposes. The 100£ per annum given me hitherto, will in future, be applied for a subscription to “Mudie” <1> to circulate books: thus Science loses for the sake of Literature – however I must not complain. My object in taking the liberty of writing to you is, chiefly, to ask you if you would kindly think of me if you happen to see an opening for a person of my general scientific attainments: naming me for any post that you might think me fit for. I would also take the further liberty of asking you whether in your particular circle you know of any lover of photographic science who has means enough to spare at least some 25£ to finish some important experiments which I have long had in hand in reference to the nature of the photographic image & of the exact action of light upon chloride of silver – about which subject opinions still differ. I feel sure I have the solution of these difficult problems in my hands & it is only the straitened means of the Institution that has prevented my bringing the expts to a perfect issue.

With many apologies for this intrusion I remain Sir

Truly your obliged servant
T. A. Malone.

T.A.M. address still at London Institution E.C.

H.F. Talbot Esqr
Lacock Abbey

Millburn Tower
[added on recto lower left:]
T.A. Malone. Lond: Inst:
[blindstamp on rear flap:]
London Institution Finsbury Circus



1. Mudie’s Select Library was much the most succesful of the circulating libraries of the time. See V. Glendinning, Trollope (1993, pp.241–243).

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