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Document number: 2513
Date: 03 Feb 1829
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MONTGOMERIE George Stephen Molyneux
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA29-026
Last updated: 1st September 2003

A Propos of Pudding

Knowing you to be a man of correct taste particularly in Puddings & Pies, knowing moreover that you have (comme moi) <1> the good sense to prefer them in their unsophisticated state to those french flimsy things which (O tempora O Mores!) <2> are making such alarming efforts to supersede altogether the sensible & substantial pastry of our Forefathers, I send you a small hamper of Apples the produce of my Garden, with my earnest recommendation that they should be daily converted into something as nearly resembling an English Pudding or Pie as the talents of the Chef will permit – to expect perfection dans ce genre <3> from him would be too much – a good genuine apple Pie à la mode de nos ancêtres, <4> is depend upon it beyond his Genius however He may say it is beneath & scornfully resign the noble work to the greasy fille de Cuisine <5> – We are all on the Qui vive <6> here about Emancipation &c. more Contre than Pour, <7> It never was a very popular subject with Norfolk Squires & it has lost ground I am sorry to say, considerably within the last six or seven months with the very few that were Pro Cath<s?>, owing entirely to that animal O’Connell <8> whom they conceive to be the true organ of Irish Catholics in general – Some of the Wiseacres here think that in <illegible deletion> consequence of the late reaction, there will be be <sic> a smaller majority in the Commons in favour of the question than there was last Session; Nous Verrons <9> – How did you leave the Lovely Lively Laughing Lætitia? <10>

Ever yours

G. Montgomerie

P.S. I sent the apples on Saturday last per Waggon to 31. Sackville Strt <11> to be forwarded to you by the same sort of conveyance to Laycock & I trust will through the care of Mary Horne arrive a <sic> bon port –

Garboldisham Harling

Feby 3d 1829.

? Mrs Montgomerie <12>


1. Like me.

2. Alas for the times and the manners.

3. Of this kind.

4. In the fashion of our ancestors.

5. Kitchen girl.

6. Eagerly awaiting.

7. Against than in favour.

8. Daniel O’Connell (1775–1847), politician, Irish nationalist.

9. We shall see.

10. Probably Laetitia Elizabeth Landon (1802–1838), author.

11. 31 Sackville Street, London residence of the Feildings, often used as a London base by WHFT.

12. Written on blank half of folded sheet in another hand.

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