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Document number: 2281
Date: 28 Feb 1833
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MURRAY T Lamie
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003

<manuscript on printed form letter>

6, Upper Gloucester Place,
Dorset Square,

28 February, 1833.


By desire of a considerable number of Members of parliament, I have the honor to enclose some Resolutions passed unanimously at a Meeting held at the Thatched House Tavern on Saturday last, and I am instructed to request the favor of your attendance at a Meeting to be held at Lord Westerns 33 South Street Grosvenor Square on Saturday next 2nd March at 12 o’clock precisely.

I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant,

T. Lamie Murray,
Hon. Sec.


Thatched House, St. James’s Street,

23 d February, 1833.

At a preliminary Meeting of Members of Parliament and others, convened for the purpose of enquiring into the Causes of the general Distress, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted.

E. S. CAYLEY, Esq. M. P.

in the Chair.


1. That in the opinion of this Meeting a very serious state of depression and distress has, with occasional intermissions, existed for some years throughout all the great productive interests of the Country, and that this distress does still continue, and threatens the most alarming consequences.

2. That the undersigned do form themselves into a Society for enquiring into the causes of this long continued distress, and into the practical means of its relief.

3. That the great object of this Society be to promote the establishment of such a state of things as shall ensure the fair reward of capital and industry engaged in production, and the full employment and just wages of labour in the Agriculture, Mines, Manufactures, and Commerce of the United Kingdom.

4. That this Meeting cannot separate without expressing its deep conviction that a principal course of the national sufferings is, the existing state of our Monetary system, and that this subject should form the prominent feature of the enquiry for which the Society is established.

5. That a Committee of five gentlemen be appointed to draw up Rules and regulations for the Society, to be submitted to the next General Meeting.

6. That the thanks of this Meeting be given to Mr. Lamie Murray for the public spirit, diligence, and discretion he has manifested in the formation of this Society, and that he be respectfully requested to act as Honorary Secretary.

7. That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman for his able and impartial conduct in the Chair.


N.B. Rule. – The views of this Society being approved by persons of all political sentiments, party politics will be excluded, and the subjects of discussion strictly confined to the objects of this Society.

Fox Talbot Esq M. P.
31 Sackville St
T Lamie Murray

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