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Document number: 2623
Date: Sat 02 Mar 1833
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MURRAY T Lamie
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA33-6
Last updated: 22nd April 2014

6. Upper Gloucester Place
Dorset Sqe
2nd March 1833


I am requested to enclose you the following resolutions unanimously adopted at a meeting convened at Lord Western’s this day (Saturday) at which the following Members of Parliament were present

Lord Western <1> in the Chair
E. S. Cayley Esq M.P. <2> R. Briggs Esqr MP <3>
John Maxwell Esqr M.P. <4> Thomas Attwood Esqr MP <5>
H. D. Young Esq MP. <6> J Brocklehurst Esqr MP <7>
Lt. Col. Hay M.P. <8> Lord C. Fitzroy M.P. <9>
M. Attwood Esq MP <10> R. [O.?] Oswald Esqrr MP/ <11>
R. Wallace Esqr M.P. <12> T. K. Staveley Esqrr MP <13>
G. Sinclair Esqr M.P <14> Hone W. Duncombe MP <15>
H. A. Aglionby Esq MP <16> W. B. Brodie Esqrr M.P <17>
Sir H. Willoughby Bt MP. <18> J Parker Esqrr MP <19>
Jos Scholefield Esqr MP. <20> Sir C. Burrell Bt MP. <21>
Sir John Maxwell Bt M.P. <22> Fox Talbot Esqr MP
W. C. Harland Esqr MP. <23> C. Calvert Esqr MP<24>
Sir Hyde Parker MP <25> G F Young Esqr MP <26>
H. Ross Esqr M.P. <27>
The following gentlemen were not present, but assenting
Sir G. Cayley Bt M.P. <28> J. Richards Esq MP. <29>
Danl O Connell Esq MP <30> Genl Palmer M.P. <31>
J. J. Guest Esq M.P <32> E. C. Lister Esq MP <33>
J. G. Boss Esq MP <34> P. M Stuart Esq MP<35>
Genl Sharpe MP. <36>

1st That it is desirable that a parliamentary enquiry should be instituted to investigate the distress which has so long prevailed, and does still prevail amongst the industrious and productive classes – with a view to ascertain whether it be not connected with the present monetary system, and whether that system do not admit of some safe amelioration

2nd That the next meeting on this subject be held at the house of Sir Chas Burrell, Bt MP 5, Richmond Terrace, on Thursday the 7th March, at 12 Oclock precisely

I have the honor to be Sir Your Obt Sert<37>

NB. If members cannot secure the attendance of their friends, they are requested to procure their signatures to the above resolutions

Fox Talbot Esq MP
Mosleys Hotel
31 Sackville St


1. Probably Sir Thomas Burch Western (1795–1873).

2. Edward Stillingfleet Cayley (1802–1862), MP & editor.

3. Rawdon Briggs, sat for Halifax from 1832 to 1835.

4. Probably John Maxwell (d. 1865), author and MP, sat for Lanarkshire in 1832.

5. Thomas Attwood (1783–1856), radical MP, banker & manufacturer.


7. John Brocklehurst (d. 1870), sat for Macclesfield in 1832.

8. Sir Andrew Leith Hay (d. 1862), Lieutenant Colonel in the army and director of the National Bank of England, sat for Elgin in 1832.

9. Lord Charles Fitzroy (1791–1865), sat for Bury St Edmunds from 1831 until 1847.

10. Matthias Attwood (d. 1851), sat for Whitehaven from 1832 to 1847.

11. Possibly Richard Alexander Oswald, sat for Ayrshire from 1832.

12. Robert Wallace (d. 1855), sat for Greenock from 1832 to 1845.

13. Thomas Kitchenham Staveley (d. 1860), sat for Ripon from 1832.

14. Sir George Sinclair (1790–1868), sat for Caithness in 1811, 1818 and from 1831 to 1841.

15. Hon William Duncombe (1798–1867), sat for Yorkshire N. since 1832.

16. Henry Aglionby Aglionby (1790–1854), sat for Cockermouth from 1832 until his death.

17. William Bird Brodie (1780–1863), sat for Salisbury in 1832.

18. Sir Henry Willoughby (1796–1865), sat for Newcastle from 1832 to 1835.

20. Josua Scholefield, MP for Birmingham.

21. Probably John Parker (d. 1881), Whig MP.

22. Sir John Maxwell (d. 1844), sat for Paisley in 1832.

23. William Charles Harland (1803–1863), sat for the city of Durham from 1832 to 1841.


25. Sir Hyde Parker (1785–1856), sat for Suffolk W. in 1832.

26. George Frederick Young (1870), sat for Tynemouth from 1831 to 1838.

27. Horatio Ross (d. 1886), sat for Montrose district from 1832.

28. Sir George Cayley (1773–1857), sat for Scarborough from 1832.


30. Daniel O’Connell (1775–1847), politician, Irish Nationalist.

31. General Charles Palmer (d. 1851), regained his seat in Bath in 1831 and sat until 1837.

32. Sir Josiah John Guest (1785–1852), sat for Merthyr Tydvil from 1832 until his death.

33. Ellis Cunliffe Lister, sat for Bradford from 1832.

34. Captain John George Boss, sat for Northallerton from 1832.


36. Lieutenant General Matthew Sharpe (d. 1845), sat for Dumfries from 1832 to 1841.

37. Although unsigned, this was the address of the solicitor T Lamie Murray, who had been corresponding with WHFT on this subject.

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