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Document number: 1253
Date: 27 Oct 1876
Recipient: NICOL John
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Edinburgh Photographic Society loan to National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh
Last updated: 26th February 2010

Oct. 27 1876

Dear Sir

Absence from home for a month or 6 weeks will prevent me from complying immediately with the request contained in your obliging letter, <1> but on my return home I will see what I can do. In the meanwhile I wish to enquire whether you would like to have specimens of my Photoglyphic Engraving? <2>

This process which I first published in 1853, for the first time gave permanence to photographs, by the employment of printer’s ink –

address Post Office, Bournemouth

I remain Yours very Truly
H. Fox Talbot

Dr J. Nicol, Edinburgh


1. See Doc. No: 00494.

2. WHFT sent photoglyphic engravings which were given eventually to the predecessor of the Royal Scottish Museum, National Museums of Scotland, but these have not been located.

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