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Document number: 6055
Date: 15 May 1855
Recipient: NORRIS Edwin
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 13th August 2013

transln sent to Mr Norris

15 May / 55

Artakshatra the great King, the K of Kings, the K of the nations of… all of them, son of D the K says: D was son of A the King. A was son of X the K. X was son of Darius the K. D was son of H a man (who was) an A . All? this… wch ye divine Darius, father of my fathers made?…

…in ye name of Ahurumuz ye god of Heaven & Earth, I made them. May Aturumusda god of Heaven & Earth be profitic unto me….

Anchises merelly ye name of ye male deity correspondg to Venus Anchisia the Oriental Venus, or Anakhitte

Hemithic the opponent of the Obilisk King, his name I think is derived from Yem and Mithri, & affords a probable proof of ye early extensn of ye worship of Mithic.

Anacletus. This early pope like Hormisdos, an oriental priest The name has little or no meaning in Greek. “called”, having received a calling. but αναυαλειν not so used. Anacletus is a corruptn of Anakhetus or rather Arakheta the Great Persian Goddess Anahid. under whose worship he may have sheltered himself during the times of persecution.

Cletus is supposed to have been ye same individual. The Persian Goddess seems to have been early known by the shortened name of Cleta in ye Greek mythology for example, Clytia the beloved of Apollo & tho’ more distant the Etruscan Clatra the Moon.

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