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Document number: 2007
Date: 14 Jun 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: PORTER Charles
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA30-31
Last updated: 20th February 2012

Wing Rectory
June 14. 1830.

Dear Talbot

During the last month I have exchanged letters, twice, with Mr Paley <1> – In my first letter I mentioned your name; and requested a description of the house – (it appears but small.) He had not then determined upon his plan; but spoke with great deference to your recommendation of me –

In his second letter, [illegible] received yesterday, he states it to be his intention to reside at Lacock, should his health continue to improve; in September – He has therefore not proposed to Mr Rogers <2> an exchange of this curacy for Lacock, as I had requested him to do should he think it adviseable –

Being thus adrift, I have applied for the curacy of Paddington: where there are about 14,000 souls. This will be an arduous undertaking; but my Rector, Rev. A. M. Campbell, would be always at hand, and well able to advise and assist me –

I rather think that Henry Thompson, <3> who boarded at H. Drury’s and afterwards was at St Johns College, was curate of Paddington, under a former Rector –

It is, however, very doubtful whether a prior applicant may not obtain Paddington curacy: or should it be offered to me, whether I may suit the post, or the post suit me –

Mr Rogers has advertised, from Lacock Vicarage, for eight pupils – I wish I were so fortunate as to dat[e] <4> my letters from that place; but the door to that is now shut against me, by Mr Paleys determination to reside –

Thank you much for the kindness that led my attention towards it –

Believe me Very truly yours
Charles Porter

Should I be able to procure a frank, I will return your letter –

Henry Fox Talbot Esqre
31. Sackville Street


1. Rev James Paley (1790–1863), Vicar at Lacock.

2. Robert Rogers, Curate at Lacock.

3. Probably Rev Henry Thomas Thompson who had received his BA in 1823 from St John’s College, Cambridge.

4. Text torn away under seal.

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