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Document number: 2055
Date: 15 Sep 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: PORTER Charles
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA30-045
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Barnack Rectory

Sept. 15. 1830.

Dear Talbot

We had engaged a house at Leamington, & were within a few days of starting from Wing to occupy it, when this curacy was offered to me.

Barnack is 4 miles only from Stamford, 14 from Wing – the house is very large, and though it was furnished, there is room in it for all our furniture –

It thus in every respect suited our purpose, and I am now licensed to hold the curacy of Barnack, during the Rector’s absence from ill health – this will certainly be till next summer, & probably for two years – but, from other circumstances in the Rector’s affairs, I do not expect to hold it for more than two years, and should I meet with anything more permanent, or presenting greater advantages, I can, at any time, resign it this one upon three months’ notice –

Though your very kind offer of a house at Lacock is on these accounts of no use to me; I cannot sufficiently thank you for it. Had I gone to Leamington, as was my intention, I should most gladly have availed myself of it – If Mr Paley’s <1> health should not allow him to perform the duties of the parish, and he should nominate me as his substitute, I shall be always ready to receive his proposal – and the journey would be very great, but your kindness would have much weight in determining us to take the curacy of Lacock –

Last Sunday morning, Mrs Porter increased our family, giving me a son – I have now two girls and a boy – all very very young –

I hope you will not pass through Stam<ford> <2> on your return from Doncaster, without passing a night or two here – The house is large, and I can lodge you apart from the nursery – If you give me a day or two notice, I am sure to be at home, and ready to welcome you –

Believe me
yours truly and obliged

Charles Porter


1. Rev James Paley (1790–1863), Vicar at Lacock.

2. Text torn away under seal.

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