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Document number: 8293
Date: 21 Jan 1861
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: REDHOUSE James William
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA61-010
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Royal Asiatic Society,

5, New Burlington Street, W.,

London, 21st Jany 1861.

Dear Sir,

If you pay your arrears for 1859 & 60, you will then have made the four annual payments required for a composition of twenty guineas, which, I presume, the Council would not object to accept as including the subscription for this current year. The two, arrears and composition, would make £27ּּ6.

But, should you prefer to propose paying the composition of twenty five guineas, based on your having made two annual payments, then, should the Council accept the same, this sum of £26ּ5ּ0 would include arrears also.

Your kindness to the Society will, no doubt, lead the Council to adopt either of the proposals, as you may elect. The difference of one guinea will not weigh with you, I am sure; and therefore I venture to add that the first of the two will be the more regular, if you have no objection to entertain it.

I am, dear Sir, Faithfully yours,

J W Redhouse

H. Fox Talbot, Esqre

P.S. Perhaps I ought to explain that, according to our account books, you have only made one payment in 1858 of six guineas, three for that year, and three for 1857, as you were elected in Decr 1856. Arrears are, therefore, due for 1859 & 60, making with this present year, nine guineas payable, if you had not thought of compounding.

J. W. R.

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