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Document number: 9446
Date: 13 Nov 1868
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SMITH George (2)
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: envelope 22091
Last updated: 10th June 2013

41 Crowndale Road. N.W
Nov 13/68

Dear Sir

You are right in thinking I sent you the Zeitschrift – although the information in it is I believe correct I had no opportunity of correcting the sheets and it contains one or two errors in the English – I have used many texts in preparing my paper several of which I have found during my examination of the museum fragments – I have got now the Cylinder account of Egypt and the tablet to which you refer all but complete the Egypt on Cylinder has 189 lines of writing the passage of the 2 prisoners is as follows (from Cylinder Col. II line 20-21)

[cuneiform] &c

from the midst of the chiefs of the Gimirrai whom he had taken two chiefs &c

Sabako was dead before Nikú became king of Sais-as Herodotes gives only Saba ko in the Ethiopian dynasty with the whole 50 years of its duration he gives to Sabako the acts as well as the time of his successors I have found an account by Assur-banipal that 1635 years before his conquest of Elam an Elamite king named Kudur-nanhundi conquered babylonia – this Kudur-nanhundi I think to be the same as the Chedor laomer of Genesis XIV the Text of this Inscription and most of the Egyptian ones will be out I hope at the close of this year

Yours respectfully
George Smith

P. S. Any copies of your researches would be very acceptable especially the Khammurabi

H. Fox Talbot Esq
Lacock Abbey

[addenda, apparently notes in Talbot’s hand on the letter’s contents]

Temple of Saggathula had two nigabs [cuneiform] er[j?]õ highpriests R5 No 23. This King has a black statue in the Museum was only a [illegible]

R 14 compared with 28 – refers to the former –

plate 18 Layard lines in confusion Sarduir King of Ararat Urard

[Val?] Nirari King of Assyria

British Museum
Jany 12. 69


ni mur (1)

tawarti inspection (of the teachers)

day 22 [cuneiform]

Dimanubar the King or Salmaneser [ill. del.] of the book of Kings

[cuneiform] Clay tablet wch I inspected

[cuneiform] not Balbek as Oppert syas P.C. name of Ashur city G Smith

[cuneiform] same as salin?

anor name of Ashur city was [cuneiform] ar libar, city arthúr city.

(1) why not nikhar? from ךןח observarit prospexit Sch. 548 (2) nakharrat fear from ךןח metus of ekharu lakhari without fear and khuri la rashie

(2)cf. “in heaven ikkhasa-amma” it was seen? tabl. 160



King Hubirgab

now Unari unizaz

Ya! help me!

or Yu the helper

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