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Document number: 8657
Date: 26 Feb 1863
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SMYTH Charles Piazzi
Collection: National Science and Media Museum, Bradford
Collection number: 1937-5418
Collection number historic: Acc 21726 (envelope)
Last updated: 16th November 2012

[printed notepaper:]
Royal Observatory
1 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh

26 Feburary 1863

My dear Sir,

Touching the true position of the Russian photographs, they are seen truly as regards at right and left, when looked at with the varnished side towards you. The labels where originally attempted to be fastened on that side, but broke away both the varnish & collodion film, & were therefore finally attached to the back of each glass.

Yours very truly
C. Piazzi Smyth

H. Fox Talbot Esqr

[envelope, imprinted on recto "Royal Observatory, Edinburgh":]
H. Fox Talbot Esqre F.R.S.
11 Gt. Stuart Street

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