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Document number: 7083
Date: 06 Dec 1854
Dating: 1854?
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA54-68
Last updated: 18th February 2012

Ashmolean Museum. <1>
Decr 6. 1854.

My dear Sir

I enclose you a picture which I made from your positive process <2> to day I believe it is set. I left it at least, for a half hour in a 1/8th satd cold solution of Hyposulphite & washed it. I did not take the trouble to get all the Iodide out It is not worth it, & is good enough to shew the ease with which the process can be done. I only did two pictures & this is rather the better of the two. My Assistant <3> made his picture this morning but he left it in about ten times too long, arguing from his experience in the dull fog of yesterday <4> So he has had to make more Iodized paper, as he foolishly only made 4 sheets before. I hope he will have done a picture to send by post-time. He seems to me to be as successful as I should be myself. His Iodized paper looks capital, & in fact in every respect except calculation of time in the Camera which he must learn by experience he seems to do the Calotype perfectly & that from a verbatim pursuit of your instructions. <5>

It strikes me that you might multiply original fine negatives of the ordinary kind most advantageously by your positive process. I observe it requires greater cleanliness even than normal with such processes, though by the way I have not been operating to day with much of this virtue.

Could you lay your hand on my original tree-negatives? <6> You have some four or five of them I think at Lacock. I should much like a few more copies of them. I have not one left.

Believe me, always Yrs very truly
Nevil Story Maskelyne


1. Story-Maskelyne lectured on mineralogy and chemistry at the University of Oxford, and had a laboratory in the lower part of the museum building.

2. WHFT's amphitype.

3. Carl [Karl] Ewald, Ph.D. See Doc. No: 07072 and Doc. No: 07089.

4. See Doc. No: 07081.

5. See Doc. No: 07072.

6. See Doc. No: 07072.

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